Our Research:

1. Eye tracking analysis of sight translation – dr hab. Monika Płużyczka
2. Eye tracking analysis of the reception of business e-mails – dr Justyna Zając
3. Eye tracking analysis of translation – dr Ewa Zwierzchoń Grabowska
4. Eye tracking analysis of text ergonomics of administrative acts - prof. Sambor Grucza, dr Anna Bonek


Eye-Tracking-Untersuchungen des Vom-Blatt-Dolmetschens,  period: 2012-2013 (project manager: dr Monika Płużyczka, project carried out in cooperation with prof. Silvia Hansen-Shirra from University of Mainz)

The form of bank advertising and its reception - survey research and eyetracking study carried out among students of Institute of Anthropocentric Linguistics and Culturology at University of Warsaw – mgr Anna Kudłaj, Joanna Nowakowska, Monika Zając, Marlena Smolak, Natalia Brzozowska

Eyetracking analysis of manner and speed of findng the section "Informacyjny Serwis Policyjny" on the home page of Polish police: www.policja.pl - prof. Sambor Grucza, prof. Ewa Żebrowska, mgr Anna Kudłaj, Joanna Nowakowska, Marlena Smolak, Monika Zając

EyeT-Russia - eyetracking reading corpus as a tool of glottodidactics of language for specific purposes - project for the period of 2015-2019; project manager: Joanna Nowakowska, scientific supervisor: dr Monika Płużyczka (project carried out under the programmme "Diamentowy Grant" conducted by Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education)

Möglichkeiten der Analyse des Blatt-Dolmetschens durch Eyetracking- und Synthesiser-Verfahren. International scientific project for the period of 2014-2019; project manager: prof. Jerzy Żmudzki