II Polish Conference on Eyetracking „Eyetracking – theory, practise, application"

On the 28th and 29th of November 2013 at University of Warsaw took place II Polish Conference on Eyetracking. It was organized by the Institute of Anthropocentric Linguistics and Culturology and Neuro Device Group.

The Conference brought together more than 120 participants, both theorists and practitioners in the field of eyetracking research. During 2 days there were showed 18 presentations about: eyetracking linguistic and psychological studies, the reception of art, audiodescription and subtitling, the perception of websites, multimedia education, biometric identification and research on driver and vessel captains' attention. Such broad range of topics and big audience is the answer for increasingly accented need of consolidation of the national scientific centres involved in eyetracking and exchange of experience. Despite the more than 100-year history of eyetracking studies, in Poland this method is less widespread as compared to global trends.

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