I Polish Conference on Eyetracking 

On the 30th of November 2012 at John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin took place I Polish Conference on Eyetracking called Eyetracking in social and  humanistic studies. Theory – method – application. It was organized by the Cathedral of Experimental Psychology  in cooperation with Neuro Device i SensoMotoric Instruments. [see the programme]

The Conference was divided into 4 theoretical-cognitive and application sessions. In the part of conference when participants were presenting the results of their studies,  the audience could know about the application of eyetracking in studies connected with: social phobias, imagination and with working memory. There were also presented the results of studies connected with perception of subtitles of audiovisual programs for deaf people, also interesting results of the experiment on driving and using eye-tracking and face-tracking as a tool of the verification of effectiveness of marketing stimuli. It was also showed how mobile eyetracking studies can affect the effectiveness of advertising strategies of companies and how audiodescription changes the reception of art. During the last, workshop part of the Conference the participants could see Laboratory HD, know all types of SMI's eyetrackers and talk to SMI's and Neuro Device's staff.

This conference was a good occasion not only to see the latest interesting applications of eyetracking analyses in various fields of science, but also to meet the specialists who are involved (in companies and at universities) in such studies and to exchange their experience. The members of our team also participated in the Conference and took part in the discussions.

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